Doug-EnglishDoug English has gained over 40 years of Veterinary experience with small animals, cattle, horses, sheep, goats and zoo animals with surgery and medicine to all animals. With a passion for nutrition he soon realised how important it was to maintain a healthy diet for all animals.

Doug has been on a crusade to increase the consumption of turmeric for animals as well as humans. He started off suggesting adding turmeric to animals diets to help with a variety of ailments, and increasingly began to see excellent results.

The Turmeric User Group (TUG) on Facebook was set up as a direct consequence of Doug’s work. It soon expanded from a handful of animal lovers to thousands of members spread across the globe.

Doug will be regularly sharing his findings on turmeric for animals with Turmeric Life and answering questions about turmeric for animals on this page.

Questions to Doug will be available to members of the Turmeric Life community only (SIGN UP below) – answers to the questions will posted regularly below.

golden-paste-turmeric-oil-black peppercorns-turmericlife
  All About Black Pepper by Helene Wallis - New Naturals This is the first entry in what will be an exhaustive compendium on the uses and benefits of bioactive foods. We'll focus at first...
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turmeric for horses
Dr Doug English, an Australian Vet, has had some very good results from suggesting to his clients to add turmeric to their animals diet. He is often requested to provide more information on the...
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turmeric for dogs
An Australian newspaper has highlighted the use of turmeric for dogs in a recent article. The Courier Mail shines the light on the Vet behind the turmeric phenomenon, Doug English, along with his...
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What are Honey Health Benefits? Should it be used as a Sweetener?
The topic of honey health benefits comes up often on the discussion board of my Turmeric User Group on Facebook which currently has over 160,000 members. Many people want to add it to the Turmeric...
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turmeric for animals - Doug English Golden Hour
Dougie’s Golden Hour is a weekly chat on the TUG Facebook Group – Sunday AEST 7-8am (Brisbane, Australia Time Zone) It's your opportunity to directly connect with the Vet behind the Turmeric...
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diatomaceous earth fleas
Many people don't know their dogs have fleas and many times I see an itchy dog and run a flea comb over it and come up with fleas! Most owners are dumbfounded because they didn't know their dog had...
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Will Turmeric help Lipoma in Dogs
I'd like to give Turmeric a go for my dog's lipoma........ My dog has a lipoma in his neck, it started about the size of a golf ball and has grown to the size of a grapefruit over the last few...
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Have you met Doug English yet? He's the reason why thousands of people across the globe have discovered the benefits of feeding turmeric for animals. Only a few years ago Tegan Ford, who works...
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Written by Doug English BVSc
From a pioneering farming family in Malanda, Atherton Tableland, North Queensland, Australia. After high school in Cairns I attended Gatton Agricultural College to study agriculture and after graduation went on to the University of Queensland Veterinary Science faculty where I graduated in 1974 and went into rural practice at Moree NSW. Then I did a few years with the South Australian Department of Agriculture as a livestock advisor mainly involved in the eradication of Brucellosis and tuberculosis in the cattle herds. This was followed by about 20 years in mixed farm/equine/pets at Wyong, NSW Central Coast, then managed a large thoroughbred stud at Scone (Kia-Ora) before returning back to Cairns, North Queensland to have my own mixed practice on the Northern Beaches for around 15 years. Now living on the Gold Coast in a farm/equine practice and researching turmeric growing and manufacturing health products from this wonderful plant.