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New Naturals
236 Darwin Lane
Stuart VA

About Us – New Naturals
New Naturals LLC is a family owned company dedicated to the use of traditional botanicals and herbals. We sell organically grown or wildcrafted spices and herbs, and provide a growing library of documents on their use. One of our customers’ favorites is our Golden Paste kit. It’s available as either a one-batch kit, or as a larger kit that will make up to six batches of genuine Golden Paste. It can be purchased either with or without Ceylon cinnamon. All the components of the kit are available separately as well. New Naturals is also a distributor for Stance Equine’s Turmericle and for the Tu*Go bars from Doug English

New Naturals
Pranjali LLC

We are excited and proud to announce the launch of our company, Pranjali. Our first product, Turmeric Paste, is being received with overwhelming results. Turmeric is an ancient superfood and is now available in a convenient, ready to use formulation that is easy for our bodies to absorb. We are currently shipping in the US, but can look in to shipping overseas if desired.

919 Vernon Winton Rd
Hillsboro Tn