turmeric for animals - Doug English Golden Hour

turmeric for animals - Doug English Golden Hour

Dougie’s Golden Hour is a weekly chat on the TUG Facebook Group – Sunday AEST 7-8am (Brisbane, Australia Time Zone)

It’s your opportunity to directly connect with the Vet behind the Turmeric phenomenon & ASK him any turmeric related question you would like. Get the answer from a scientist with a wealth of background & experience and extensive knowledge of how turmeric affects critters, and non critters alike.

Below is the transcript of Doug English’s FIRST Golden Hour held on Valentine’s Day 2016. You will find more by joining the TUG Facebook Group and looking in these files.

Intro by Doug English (DE): Well G’day everybody I have just logged on (ed note: to the Turmeric User Group (TUG) on Facebook) to answer any questions that you may have on turmeric. This morning as usual I have checked the cattle and fed the hungry Mr T, the poddy (orphan) calf who is doing well and will be 3 weeks old this Tuesday. So I’ve had my coffee to get me thinking well and ready to answer any questions you may have during this Golden Hour…..

MsK: Just wondering if you’ve got many takers for the sarcoid trial yet?

DE: The turmeric trial is looking good with dozens of potentials but to start we need to get it funded. And there are other trials of absorption in dogs and horses that I need to do to find out how to maximise this and to prove the anecdotal evidence that the cooked paste is actually best.

MsL: I’d like to ask how you, personally, take turmeric and/or GP?

DE: I add it to all cooking and try to measure that there is a teaspoon in a serving, I have GP (ed note: GP = Golden Paste) ready to put into anything eg smoothie, coffee, sauerkraut, salad dressing. I make it myself with olive oil and vinegar, I prefer ACV (ed note: Apple Cider Vinegar). I also do a quick hit with 1/2 tsps in mug, pour 1/3 boiling water, add pepper and coconut oil then top with milk and drink

MsR: Do you mean 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder or actual GP for the quick hit? And how much GP would you estimate you consume in a day?

DE: sorry in to much hurry – 1 to 2 teaspoons either of GP or turmeric powder. Since both are heat treated I don’t know what difference. Both work.

MsK: Someone was inquiring if GP helped seasonal allergies? Another in regarding kidney stones? Gallbladder attacks? Any thoughts…

DE: Turmeric has a very good anti-inflammatory effect. Kidney stones are not going to be affected much because that is a metabolic effect of total diet and genetics. Gallbladder attacks – it does stimulate the gall bladder to contract which increases pain. The is high oxalates in Turmeric but the total amount in the small dose is not high. Many foods have oxalates in such as tea. (ed note: Read Turmeric Side Effects)

MsD: I’m giving all 4 of my dogs GP to boost there immune system, but one has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (SLO) currently in remission. Should I continue to give her GP at her maintenance dosage or more or less GP? All dogs on 1/2 tsp 4x /day.

DE: normal maintainence is ok. I am not sure what the triggers are for what you say and please do not use acronyms without defining first (Ed Note: so other readers can understand)

MsD: Sorry, Symmetrical lupoid onychodystrophy (SLO or doggie lupus) only has affected her toenails.

MsK: My husband’s blood pressure is high. 166 over 106 at v the grocery store today. He Is currently on no meds. He has been on antenenol he can have severe gout attacks too. Ideas on turmeric for high blood pressure and gout?

DE: it is good when combined with eliminating all pure sugars and increasing exercise – regular and just to stress levels

MsK: I suppose that includes honey, which he loves!

DE: Honey is very high in fructose and there is the problem

MsW: Can you give a cat with arthritis turmeric?

DE: yes but cats are difficult often as they normally have a taste addiction

MsS: Would you agree that forcing a sick cat to take turmeric could just upset and distress it, undoing any good it might do. I don’t like to think of people trying to force turmeric down their cats throats.

MsD: If you put it in unsalted tuna it tastes delicious to them… I have used it in a number of cats… No forcing necessary! They love it!

MsS: If you can get them to take it willingly that’s fine, I just think that there will be people trying to force cats to eat it.

MsW: Miss D, how much do you give? 1/4 teaspoon or so?

DE: Has to be individually assessed

MsW: Thank you.

MsD: I start by mixing a small amount in a can of tuna and keep it it the fridge between doses for a week. I increase the amount over time…. Slowly. I sprinkle the tuna on their food. You can estimate how much they are getting by how much you are putting in the can and how long the can lasts… Use as much as works that they will tolerate…

MsW: Thank you, we will give it a try.

MsB: Horse question, I am feeding a molasses probiotic mix for the gut, but also feeding the turmeric mix, would this contradict each other.

DE: no

MsC: my dog was doing really well on the turmeric for skin problems until he started on Creon for EPI (Endocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency), the skin is now worse than ever…

DE: will be due to increased absorption of food ingredients that were not previously. Not necessarily turmeric. The gut microflora is very important in Atopy type allergies. Try a good antibacterial shampoo to reduce load of bugs on skin. Not soap free because you want it to remove the infected sebum

MsP: A question on behalf of member Judy who is unable to participate. Why did you start using Turmeric?

DE: I have always been interested in eating correctly and I started to use it after lots of research (ongoing) and found that suddenly I was thinking more clearly and running faster times than I had been when i was a full on athlete in my school days. I did not know which part of my diet was doing this because i had made a few changes but I soon identified it by elimnation

MsM: My husband is type 1 agent orange diabetic. He has a lot of stump pain from lower left… lower left BKA (Below the knee amputation). Can I give him gp? How much? Do I need to add cinnamon?

DE: is good for stump pain

MsR: I have a plott hound mix that has horrible skin problems – red, oozzing, raw, bleeding and his hair falls out. He is on cyclosporan for the allergies and we are on week 8 of the golden paste. He gets about 3/4 teaspoon 2 times a day. For any other patients you have had with this itchy skin have you made a recommended dosage – 80 pounds

DE: there is no dose other than start low and work up to no more than 1 or 2 tea spoons per dose. So much variation AND remember that cyclosporin does affect immunity by lowering it. So there can be subsequent skin infection needing antibiotics. Ask your vet to check new drug Apoquel (oclacitnib) a JAH inhibitor which reduces interleukin, probably the major itch factor in dogs. Curcumin (which is in turmeric) has many similar actions to Apoquel

MsK: another question could bruising be from the GP? Your thoughts? Can GP cause palpations due to the increase in energy or coincidence?

DE: Just possibly, but it is not reported as a major concern. Maybe depending on many other factors and absorption. Lower intake

MsR: I found that I can’t take the GP after 6 pm. Seems like it gives me good energy and I need to go to bed at 9:30 pm and I do better removing it at – no faster heart.

MsK: (Palpations) etc from previous question i asked above….Doug I did that then had to discontinue….wanting to start up again. ..so many benefits for autoimmune diseases and brain fog….ant-inflammatory…..I usually take it on spoon in morning but still wired all day….it’s a good wired till I have to try and sleep. Then another story. Not effective in insomnia….

DE: GP needs to be in foods for optimum metabolism. Many people sleep very well on it including me. Shows how much variation there is and all the anecdotes are the reason why I set up the TUG group –  to see what is happening out there.

MsB: Hi Doug, I have three dogs, all healthy (thankfully). My girls 12 year old collie x kelpie and 6 year jack Russell both love their GP but my lurcher boy 7 years beddy whippet doesn’t. Do you think there is any truth in the theory that animals take what they know they need?

DE: no no. Why do I constantly see animals poisoned by all sorts of stuff they eat

MsB: Ok, thanks.

MsH: I have a Shar Pei. He developed a rash & started to loose a little fur….I started him Golden paste and is looking much better. My question is I have seen Shar Pei with horrid infections and no fur. Any suggestions?

DE: these are very prone to skin problems. demodectic mange is common too and depends on the total treatment

MsH: My boys fur growing back on golden paste. I’m on Shar Pei lovers on fb and just breaks my heart to see Shar Pei’s suffering so much..

MsR: Can you give GP and cyclosporan? My dog does WAY better on it and we are trying the GP as a way to heal from the inside out. We have had spots that looked terrible.

MsH: My boys rash gone and fur growing back on Golden paste. I first thought he had been bitten by something. Red swollen but redness gone and swelling gone and amazing fur growing back…

DE: MsH, yes the two can be used together successfully

DE: MsR needs antibiotics like doxycycline, cephalosporins as well as other treatments

MsB: Local feed merchant (UK) now stocks several turmeric powder supplements for horses. All list ‘vegetable oil’ in the ingredient list but none specifies which oil – I doubt it is coconut oil. How relevant is the type of oil for equine use?

DE: fairly relevant because the unsaturated ones easily become rancid and inflammatory especially in hot climates

MsB: Thanks, I will make up my own mix for our arthritic old pony!

DE: coconut oil is very stable

MsB: No questions but a really big thank you for all you do ! If I haven’t seen your original post when you were looking for 2500 people , not sure I would still have my boy Blue, who had a torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) and I couldn’t afford surgery. He is 109% healed now and I pass along your link to many clients of mine (I’m a dog groomer) – Once again a huge thank you !

MsB: My JRT tore both ACL three months apart, two years ago – healed with strict crate rest and very slow introduction to exercise. Now on GP since Christmas he seems five years younger! ACL are the ligaments that secure the knee in place – a rupture is a common injury which does heal more easily in a small old AND LAZY dog than a young, large, active one. I was lucky. Many vets are quick to recommend expensive surgery but mine said the outcome would be the same with rest and time.

MsH: If a race horse had a slight nose bleed after a workout, (only once, 10 mins later) would he be a good candidate for Golden Paste or would that be the type of horse that you would be cautious with….thanks Doug

DE: pulmonary haemorrhage is actually very common in horses worked hard to maximum stress. I do not know how much turmeric would (or if) increase that, but I do know that it is very good for reducing pulmonary congestion which is one of the causes of EIPH (exercise induced pulmonary haemorrhage)

MsB: If you’re Anemic can you take gp?

DE: It can interfere with iron absorption and probably not take it with every meal paticularly when consuming the iron type foods (ed note: Read Turmeric Side Effects)

MsC: I have a 2 yr old racehorse with an arthritic hock which fractured. Turned out today after 6 months rest. Any advice to help him please? Hoping he can stay comfortable enough to live out with my other retired racehorses. Thankyou

DE: fed turmeric is very good for this

MsC: Good dose for mini horse 240 lbs. prone to laminitis, insulin resistance. Can this be given with Precivox?

DE: yes the two work together

MsK: I just started this itchy rash on my eyelid and bridge of nose (contact dermatitis?) and want to try turmeric topically. I’ve had this before and no creams worked; it just had to run its course. I read you can mix equal parts neem oil and turmeric to apply. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

DE:  You can do that, but we’ve found anecdotally that it should also be fed.

MsJ: I do take turmeric orally, but also find that mixing hot coconut oil with dried turmeric, letting it settle in a jar and using just the golden oil works a treat on mine. I have patches on my eyelid, nose and cheek at times, works better than any of the conventional creams I have tried.

MsK: Thank you, MsJ! I take it orally as well as golden tea, similar to Doug’s quick hit actually but mix the oil in before the hot water.

MsB: Make sure you don’t put any pepper in if using topically though, the oil coated solids from the bottom of the jar I use as a paste in cooking.

DE: yes that will work. Where the skin is broken it can be absorbed. I do prefer coconut or macadamia oil

MsK: MsJ what are your ratios of oil to turmeric, and does this method stain the skin less?

MsJ: I make a kilner jar full of virgin coconut oil and ground turmeric as a paste, about 50 – 50%. This leaves about a centimetre of solid golden oil on the top, which I use topically. I twizzle a knife in the middle and use the shavings of the turmeric paste in pasta, rice, cous cous water, add to soup, stews etc and simply add fresh ground pepper to serve. I put it on at night, clean off with either Neutrogena hard soap or neat coconut oil, depending where it’s been applied. If I want it to clear super fast I load the golden oil under a plaster and cover the area over night.


MsK:  Any idea on turmeric paste and using it to help fight Lyme disease. in Canada where I live it is next to impossible to get a human doctor to admit you might have lyme and given my symptoms plus a tick bite with the classic bulls eye rash and my mares strange behaviours lately plus her stocking up on her front legs for no apparent reason I am concerned she may have it also. I starting feeding the turmeric about two weeks ago just to help with the stocking up….

DE: yes but doxycycline for a month is good too

MsK: Ok I am assuming you mean for the horse?

MsP: Hi, Im an absolute beginner, and have just made my GP. Do you think 1/4 teaspoon 2 x a day is enough to try to shrink a fibroid? I’ve read that to shrink one I should take 6 teaspoons!!!!!!!

MsR: From what I’ve read on the website and here it seems to depend on the person and what you are eating. I’ve cut my sugar intake WAY back because I’d rather let the GP have the best chance to heal me from the inside out.

DE: 1/4 is way not enough and would think that 1 tsp at least 3 times with other foods

MsP:  Doug English so at least 3 tsp in the total in a day! Thanks! And MsR I haven´t taken sugar at all for more than 10 years! It´s a great idea of us!

MsV: I take 1/4 tsp twice a day and it has stopped my periods for the last 4mths… previously had regular heavy extremely painful periods due to multiple fibroids… was about to have surgery until I started the paste. So it is more potent than I think people realise.

MsL: I’m not a critter but I been on GP over 5 months and loving it for my allergies and must say doing great. And just wondering if a increase of my GP would be even better – I’m on 1/4 tsp 3 times day. Is more better? I did try to start out doing more but had a headache each time so I cut back to the 1/4 and been doing it over 5 months now. And thank you for answering! And wondering why more vets and Doctor don’t let us know about the great thing called turmeric? Thank you In advance

DE: fiddle with the dose. We all absorb differently – many doctors/vets have closed minds and don’t do a lot of research unless directed by their peers. Many put it down as folk medicine and shut their minds down. they also refute anecdotal evidence without controlled experiments (if they care to look there are actually thousands) but when the anecdotes are in several thousands and almost no negatives then that evidence becomes overwhelming.

MsL: Doug English THKS I am doing that and playing between olive oil and coconut oil thing the coconut oil is what’s causing headaches when taking more than 1/4 tsp thank you and loving the group. Thank you for making us aware of this great thing GP

MsK: I am sure doug will agree you need more hydration while taking GP it acts like a diuretic hence your headaches…correct doug?

MsL: I’m on water all day long. So not sure the headache is due to that. But how ever I started to make my GP with olive oil and it seems to do better on me. Not sure if it could be the coconut oil?

MsK: Not sure…..

DE:  yes it is a diuretic and I don’t think that is bad. Drink more water but then not too much or you will deplete electrolytes

MsV: When I first started the paste I had a bad headache daily for a month, but once my body got used to it, it stopped. I also made sure I only stayed on 1/8 tsp for a while… back to 1/4 tsp now.

MsK: My foster dog, Ladybug, has inoperable mast cell tumors (lungs). She’s 43 lbs. I’m giving her 1/4 tsp GP 4x day, plus other herbs. Is it ok to increase dose? So far she seems to feel fine but the tumors are increasing in size. Thanks for being available.

Jess (Admin): What herbs are you using? Just so DE has more info. Thanks, admin.

DE: get up to a tea spoon

MsK: That much. Ok. 4 x day? Thank you. The herb’s she’s on are yunnan bayiao, qing ying tang, stasis breaker, San leng, e zhu , and xue fu zhu yu tang (these are blended together).

MrB: g’day Doug … there seems to be so much misinformation about turmeric … typically about the types of turmeric (longa v aromatica) and their respective application. With so many powders available for those that are not able to grow their own, what questions do you believe folk should be asking of their suppliers please?

DE: most will not really know and will have to sus out their suppliers and each batch will vary. I am growing turmeric here now and will have a very good handle on how all varies. Most turmeric comes out of India, Indonesia and China and there is very little detailed information on how it is grown. There is no large commercial turmeric grown in Australia and my crop will mainly be used to increase the area up to 8 acres.

MrB: thanks Doug … I see this as a major risk that needs to be mitigated … if people don’t know or seek the knowledge to understand what they are taking through these types of hype cycles, turmeric use will be an easy target for the traditional sciences looking to marginalise alternate ways … if you need a strong example, have a read of the abc reporting today about liver damage and green tea use …


MsG: I have a 9 year old Weimaraner with arthritis, I think, due to undetected hip dysplasia. He is getting 3 daily doses of gp, 1/4 tsp. I also give him 25 mg of rimadyl and a dasuquin tablet daily. I’ve started giving the rimadyl every other day. Could I stop the rimadyl entirely? What about the dasuquin? Are either of these harmful to the dog?

MsS: I’m not doug, but i was able to stop the rimadyl (carprofen) totally as the GP was taking care of his arthritis.

DE: They do have side issues which sometimes are bad. Turmeric side issues are negligible in comparison

MsA: Can I use colloidal silver and ACV (Apple Cider Vineger) in my golden paste instead of water?

DE: yes but ACV is actually 95% water and you need water to interact with the compounds in turmeric powder

MsC: Hi Doug, I have a 10yo German Shep X Mal , he has lots of lipomas some as big as two fists. He has one such big one in his armpit which is giving him mobility problems. I have been giving him the GP about 4-5mths. Not seeing any reduction in the lumps. I give him a heaped tsp 3x day. I buy from the Bulk Spice’s place that’s recommended. What am I doing wrong. I have even tried painting it on one I’d his lumps and also added caster oil to this paste. Help please as he seems to be going lame and I can’t exercise him. Oh and I have been feeding raw for about 8 mths.

DE:  If the Lipoma’s already big, turmeric will not reduce it much. They (Lipomas) shell out very well surgically with little surrounding tissue damage.

MsG: Would golden paste help with the healing process after suffering a concussion?

DE: maybe but there will be blood clots in brain with inflammation and you would not want another bang while on turmeric which could increase haemorrage in already damaged tissue. Food amounts will be good

MsR: Doug, do you have the white turmeric ryizomes??

DE: no the bright orange are the ones to have. Why do you ask about white?

MsR: Just like edibles

DE: ? I don’t understand –  the main reason we consume turmeric is to get the orange pigment compounds curcuminoids, tumerone etc and they will be low in the white turmeric

MsR: Yes, but does the white have the same?

DE: no

MsA: The white is what is generally used.in commercial facial products. But if you use the yellow turmeric correctly, you won’t need to worry about the staining, or you can remove it right away.

DE: Well thanks for all that. Kirsty from Natures Help is supporting our Turmeric Life website and research and her turmeric capsules are a good fast alternative for when you can’t take GP. Please note, these capsules are made from turmeric powder, pepper and ginger and NOT the purified curcumin that other commercial capsules often contain. If you buy via clicking this link >> Nature’s Help << it means that at no extra cost we get a small amount of $ to continue funding the website and setting up research.

Until next Golden Hour…..many thanks!

turmeric for animals - Doug English Golden Hour

Dougie’s Golden Hour is a weekly chat on the TUG Facebook Group – Sunday AEST 7-8am (Brisbane, Australia Time Zone – use this link to convert to your time zone)


Written by Doug English BVSc
From a pioneering farming family in Malanda, Atherton Tableland, North Queensland, Australia. After high school in Cairns I attended Gatton Agricultural College to study agriculture and after graduation went on to the University of Queensland Veterinary Science faculty where I graduated in 1974 and went into rural practice at Moree NSW. Then I did a few years with the South Australian Department of Agriculture as a livestock advisor mainly involved in the eradication of Brucellosis and tuberculosis in the cattle herds. This was followed by about 20 years in mixed farm/equine/pets at Wyong, NSW Central Coast, then managed a large thoroughbred stud at Scone (Kia-Ora) before returning back to Cairns, North Queensland to have my own mixed practice on the Northern Beaches for around 15 years. Now living on the Gold Coast in a farm/equine practice and researching turmeric growing and manufacturing health products from this wonderful plant.