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It should be an easy answer BUT for the majority of us raised on a Western diet, turmeric is not part of our regular diet. SO How do you take your Turmeric?? We asked this question on Doug English’s Turmeric User Group (TUG) Facebook Page (over 188,000 members) to find out the most popular way to consume turmeric for people who are new to the flavour. What follows are some great ideas for people who may be struggling to consume turmeric on a daily basis.…..

Please Note: Before you incorporate Turmeric into your life you should be aware of a few things – To get a better understanding of Turmeric Benefits and its side effects –> START HERE

Within the TUG group the most popular way to ‘take’ turmeric on a daily basis is by making the Turmeric Golden Paste (GP) recipe and adding the ‘GP’ to various foods and drinks. Below are a list of suggestions by TUG members on how to take turmeric…..

A spoonful of Golden Paste straight down the hatch

That’s right. Some people prefer to treat it as ‘medicine’ and take it at mealtimes straight off the spoon. Water, milk or even coffee may be used as a ‘chaser’ but some people prefer swallowing it rather than adding it to a meal.

How to take Turmeric

A spoonful of Golden Paste

It may hark back to the days when mothers used to dispense the cod liver oil off the spoon BUT if it works for you then who’s complaining!


Make the GP and then freeze it into pill-size quantities. Pop one into your mouth during meal times…..Done and Dusted!!


Make your own or buy them from a reputable brand. Ensure that if you’re taking turmeric pills regularly that they are a capsule that contains turmeric powder, rather than a high dosage of curcumin (which is extracted from turmeric). Check out the information on High Levels of Curcumin which is at the end of this article –> Golden Paste vs Turmeric Pills.

How to take Turmeric

As a Drink

By far the most popular option appears to be adding GP to the drink of your choice. Here are a few of our members more popular suggestions:

  • Create Golden milk
  • Turmeric Tea (and adding some extra ginger was also popular)
  • GP and coffee
  • Tomato Juice (V8) and a spoonful of GP
  • In a smoothie and add your superfoods, fruits and vegetables – and try to avoid sweeteners. Give it a good blitz and you are away cause its a meal in itself.
  • In a Broth. Create some stock and pop in the GP. Warm and tasty.
  • With fermented drinks such as Kombucha or Kefir. These drinks are full of healthy probiotics and recognized as being beneficial for digestion and gut health. Just add your GP and your away.
  • Orange Juice – some even suggest heating it to help with the flavor.

In your Food

  • Soups and Stews are a popular option as the flavor of GP is readily absorbed and tend not to dominate the final flavour.
  • As a Salad Dressing – add some GP to olive oil and some raw Apple Cider Vinegar and you have a tangy dressing to spice up your lettuce leaves.
  • In Curries and Stir Fries – the Asian diet is a terrific accompaniment to turmeric (or is it the other way around 😉 )  and the message is don’t forget to add GP to your sauce!
  • With Eggs – scrambled, omelettes and devilled – all are popular choices with some GP added for some extra flavouring.
  • In plain yoghurt. A teaspoon of GP with a tablespoon (or 2) of natural (unsweetened) yoghurt. Personally I find Greek natural yoghurt the best choice but once again its all down to your own personal choice.

Some of the more quirky options are below. Add GP to:

  • In your Cereal (particularly porridge)
  • With Peanut Butter
  • Mixed with Black Pudding
  • Spread on toast or on a cracker
  • With mashed potatoes

The message is simple. Its not as hard as most think to embrace turmeric into your everyday diet. AS you can see there are plenty of options to savour your daily dose, its just a matter of finding the one that suits you…….

How to take Turmeric by


HOW do you take your turmeric? SHARE below the best way you have discovered to add it to your daily regime.

Written by Doug English BVSc
From a pioneering farming family in Malanda, Atherton Tableland, North Queensland, Australia. After high school in Cairns I attended Gatton Agricultural College to study agriculture and after graduation went on to the University of Queensland Veterinary Science faculty where I graduated in 1974 and went into rural practice at Moree NSW. Then I did a few years with the South Australian Department of Agriculture as a livestock advisor mainly involved in the eradication of Brucellosis and tuberculosis in the cattle herds. This was followed by about 20 years in mixed farm/equine/pets at Wyong, NSW Central Coast, then managed a large thoroughbred stud at Scone (Kia-Ora) before returning back to Cairns, North Queensland to have my own mixed practice on the Northern Beaches for around 15 years. Now living on the Gold Coast in a farm/equine practice and researching turmeric growing and manufacturing health products from this wonderful plant.