New Year New You with Turmeric Golden Paste

2016 – Make this Your Year!

Turmeric is a really good incentive to overhaul your health issues, and those of your pets.

It’s ONE tool in the First Aid kit for Good Health.

I found turmeric when it helped my hubby with his chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I learned in the Turmeric User Group on Facebook that turmeric is a great preventative for cancer and Alzheimer’s  – both run in my family so I started myself on turmeric too. Then I began to reap other benefits and now there is no way I would go without my daily Golden Paste.

New Year New You with Turmeric Golden Paste

If you want the best results possible, overhaul your diet:

Cut the Inflammatories

  • Trans fats, Saturated fats, High Omega 6 oils (rice bran, canola, soy, sunflower, veg oils etc)
  • Processed foods (white bread, cakes, basically anything that comes out of a packet and a lot of things that come out of cans)
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol

These food items will not only aggravate arthritic conditions but can also cause inflammation of the cells in the blood vessels.

Drink more Water and Exercise

Your body is a finely crafted machine; keep it running with quality fuel and give it a good run (or brisk walk, or whatever you can manage) as often as you can, to ‘clear the exhaust’ (staying with the car analogy) 😀


On the TUG Facebook Group and Turmeric Life we love to help you on your journey towards a healthier, happier you. Pets too! 😀

BUT the one who can help you the most is yourself!

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A special New Years message from Jill Moore (trusted TUG Admin)

Have you experienced Turmeric Health Benefits since starting on your turmeric journey? What has been your biggest surprise?