When you live in a household with young kids, I discovered, viruses and all those other FUN stuff (bruises, cuts etc etc) seem to be an everyday event. They were at any rate for our family during those early years.


Keeping MY Family Healthy is important to me

Of course, as the kids grew their immunity levels increased, thanks to all the interesting ailments they bought back to our household in the early years – colds, flu’s and other strange spots and sores that gradually fell by the wayside.

But still, you could almost guarantee a few days, or weeks even, in a school term when one of our children would come down with something. My son even had a case of Whooping Cough (thankfully a mild case)…… AND he’s been vaccinated!!

SO, what’s changed in our household that’s suddenly meant we’re healthier when everybody else seems to be struck down with another virus that’s been passed around?


Turmeric – the ‘seemingly’ miracle golden spice

TURMERIC!!!! I have to seriously consider this fact. Over the last 6 months I have FINALLY discovered a way to ‘FEED’ my children turmeric AND I really believe this has made ALL the difference.

For the past 4 years I have been feeding this seemingly ‘miracle’ spice to my dog to fix his itchy skin issues, and it seriously has worked wonders for him. AND even though he’s ‘officially’ a senior dog he still zooms around like a puppy – people always comment that they can’t believe he’s a 7+ year-old dog. (You can read more of my dog’s story HERE: “Why I feed my Dog Turmeric”)


Scooter LOVES his turmeric feeds

Watching my dog’s health improve made me more determined to work out how I could ADD turmeric to my own diet. The only way I could ‘stomach’ the taste of turmeric was to make the Golden Paste and add a teaspoon of paste to a BIG dollop of Greek Yoghurt after every meal.


Golden Paste with Natural Yoghurt is how I take my Turmeric

After a year of holding the TITLE ‘Healthiest in the Family’ my partner decided to join in on my daily ritual too. It wasn’t long before he noticed the Turmeric Benefits – mainly that he wasn’t catching all the colds and flues that were being passed around in his workplace. It was then that I wondered how to get the kids to eat turmeric.

Here were some options….

·      Tumeric Golden Milk – no way!

·      Curries – you’ve got to be kidding!!

·      Turmeric and Fruit Juice – Hahahahaha….think again!!!

Finally, I dabbed the ‘tiniest’ speck of Turmeric Golden Paste on a spoon and filled the rest of the dessertspoon up with Golden Syrup. SUCCESS!!! The explosion of pure sugar overrode the strong taste of Turmeric.


Golden Paste & Golden Syrup worked in the beginning for my kids

NOW let me make this clear, Doug English, the vet that first introduced me to turmeric, doesn’t agree with ‘dosing’ children (or anybody else) up with sugar BUT, as time went by the turmeric to Golden Syrup ratio changed – it became 1:2 and my kids rarely have deserts after dinner SO they actually looked forward to their turmeric ?.

Thankfully though, we have NOW discovered Organic Turmeric capsules (that can be shipped worldwide) and the kids happily take these morning and night after meals (minus a HUGE fuss!).

AND NOW I’m very happy with the fact that my kids are rarely struck down with the dreaded ‘lurgy’ when every man and his dog in our neighbourhood seem to be sick. A weekend rummaging around in the medicine cabinet has become a real rarity these days.

PLUS, not so long ago both the boys in our family received a few ‘hand’ injuries. My partner had an operation to stitch the top of his pinky finger back on, which thankfully was a success (apologies for the gory pic below). The Doctor was super impressed with the level of healing that occurred after the operation (I tripled the dose of Turmeric during every meal – 1 tablespoon rather than 1 teaspoon) and the physio at the hand clinic still can’t believe the amount of movement he can get after an injury so severe (the bone had completely snapped at the tip).


Pinky Finger Before & After shots (3 months after injury)

My son ALSO decided to give the emergency section of the hospital a visit after slamming his hand against a metal pole at school (only a week after the other incident) and YES, the hospital nurses remembered me ?. When he first returned home with the injury I was amazed at the difference a small dose of Turmeric Golden Paste (taken orally) had on the swelling and bruising on his hand. Only 2 hours later the hand was starting to look normal again. The next day however, after a full day of school activities (and NO turmeric during the day) it had swollen right back up again. That’s when we took him to the hospital.


The bruising went down soon after eating some Turmeric Golden Paste

AND, as a side experiment, I started feeding turmeric to our chickens, which we’ve had for over a year now. In the last month, since they’ve been taking turmeric (I add ‘Turmericle’ to their feed) their egg size has increased…..SERIOUSLY!! I now have to add another minute to the boiling time to get them to the right consistency for the kids in the mornings.


Our chook eggs are HEAPS BIGGER than the Free Range ‘Large’ eggs that are available at our local store

So I honestly believe that if you want your Household to be Healthier – ie. enjoy greater immunity levels and healing benefits – you NEED to embrace Turmeric, and that’s for EVERYONE in your household.

In our family the adults, kids, dog, chooks, budgie AND the cockatiel are now on it. I feed Golden Paste to the adults (because we are happy with the taste), Organic Turmeric Capsules to the kids and Turmericle (a premixed dry powder that’s super easy to add to animal feed) to the feathered and furred section of the family.

Is any of your Household on Turmeric? How do you like to take it? Have you noticed any Turmeric Benefits?

PLEASE NOTE: This article was first published on Adventure Mumma‘s website & Kate Richards (the author) is a Team Member of the Turmeric Life website.

Article & Pics by Kate Richards.

Written by Doug English BVSc
From a pioneering farming family in Malanda, Atherton Tableland, North Queensland, Australia. After high school in Cairns I attended Gatton Agricultural College to study agriculture and after graduation went on to the University of Queensland Veterinary Science faculty where I graduated in 1974 and went into rural practice at Moree NSW. Then I did a few years with the South Australian Department of Agriculture as a livestock advisor mainly involved in the eradication of Brucellosis and tuberculosis in the cattle herds. This was followed by about 20 years in mixed farm/equine/pets at Wyong, NSW Central Coast, then managed a large thoroughbred stud at Scone (Kia-Ora) before returning back to Cairns, North Queensland to have my own mixed practice on the Northern Beaches for around 15 years. Now living on the Gold Coast in a farm/equine practice and researching turmeric growing and manufacturing health products from this wonderful plant.