This story was first posted on the TUG Facebook Group (August 2015) by Claire and we knew we had to share it with the rest of our Turmeric Life community to show you what a positive effect Turmeric can have on any animal, big or small (plus the photos are super cute 🙂 ).


Petal the Guinea Pig who suffered from Bumblefoot

“Petal is 3 years old and over the last 6-7 months has had an unidentifiable illness which has caused her to drink excessively. Despite blood tests, ultrasounds, nothing was identified. What did happen was because she was drinking too much, and standing near the water bottle all the time, she developed Bumblefoot* which became ulcerated.


Petal was really suffering before the Golden Paste was added to her diet

Petal has been on two types of antibiotics for the last 3 months but about 1 month ago she started to get much worse – both front feet became so severely ulcerated she was showing signs of being in pain. Although she was on pain relief and taking two types of antibiotics as well as getting her feet bathed under the vets advice, she was showing no signs of improvement – in fact there were signs it was appearing on one of her back feet.

I have my horse on Turmeric Golden Paste for arthritis and having seen the results thought I would try Petal on it too. I started with 1/4 tea spoon of Golden Paste (without pepper for the first 2 days just to start her off gently) which I diluted to a liquid consistency. This was then syringe fed (0.2ml) 3-4 times a day.

After the first three days I also started to leave some of the Golden Paste in her feed bowl to see what would happen – Petal started to eat this by herself. This meant that I could syringe feed her when I was at home (so I knew she was definitely getting some) and then leave some in her cage during the day for her and her partner to munch on. Interestingly her partner Mr Tibble who hasn’t been syringe fed has straight away adapted to the Golden Paste – he loves it.


Petal started nibbling on the Golden Paste herself

Petal went for her Vet check up yesterday – she had been on Golden Paste for 12 days. The vet was so pleased with her progress that she doesn’t want to see her for 3-months. She has also said if she continues to heal the way she is, I can take her off the antibiotics completely. She also asked me to send her the Golden Paste recipe which was fantastic.

I will be keeping Petal and Mr Tibble on the Golden Paste because there was an underlying illness that caused the Bumblefoot in the first place, and the Golden Paste will help give me reassurance that she is having something natural to help support her. I also like the fact that now she will eat it by herself, and she can choose how much she feels she wants to eat. The good news is she has shown no signs of being ill since being on the Golden Paste – if anything she has increased in energy and is a happy little pig!”


“Petal now – you can see how much brighter she looks”

Best wishes



Bumblefoot* is an infection – usually bacterial – Petal’s front feet basically became swollen to two/three times the normal size and became ulcerated and infected. Petal had been on antibiotics for months with no improvement at all. Bumblefoot can be really difficult to treat.

Editor’s Note: Pepper was eventually added to the Golden Paste recipe and Clair now feeds it to both Guinea Pigs. Cinnamon (sometimes added by dog owners to counteract the ‘Cat Pee’ smell) SHOULD NOT be added as it is TOXIC to Guinea Pigs.

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Written by Doug English BVSc
From a pioneering farming family in Malanda, Atherton Tableland, North Queensland, Australia. After high school in Cairns I attended Gatton Agricultural College to study agriculture and after graduation went on to the University of Queensland Veterinary Science faculty where I graduated in 1974 and went into rural practice at Moree NSW. Then I did a few years with the South Australian Department of Agriculture as a livestock advisor mainly involved in the eradication of Brucellosis and tuberculosis in the cattle herds. This was followed by about 20 years in mixed farm/equine/pets at Wyong, NSW Central Coast, then managed a large thoroughbred stud at Scone (Kia-Ora) before returning back to Cairns, North Queensland to have my own mixed practice on the Northern Beaches for around 15 years. Now living on the Gold Coast in a farm/equine practice and researching turmeric growing and manufacturing health products from this wonderful plant.