Chrissy the Goat


Chrissy came to us back in July 2014 in very poor condition. She’s an older girl being over 8 years which is all we know. She’s a pure bred Saanen doe.

turmeric-for-animalsChrissy had a very bad mite condition which her owners had been treating with no luck with a mite powder. She needed fixing from the inside as well (ie. getting her inner health back on track).

turmeric-for-animalsChrissy was also very stiff when she walked and was very slow to get up out of bed.

So I had a chat with Doug and I started her on Dectomax injections as well as automatically putting her on Turmeric. She had 4 Dectomax injections over a 2 month time frame.

She started a diet of 1 cup Maxi Soy (horse feed pre-soaked) with 1 teaspoon of Mega min, 1 cup of steam flaked Barley or pre-soaked whole barley and I added Lucerne chaff as well. PLUS I gave her 1 good teaspoon of her Turmeric paste and I fed her this twice daily plus good pasture until she improved.

turmeric-for-animalsNow she is fat and healthy and on her once a day feeds.

turmeric-for-animalsThis is Chrissy today, healthy and happy and she loves her turmeric.

turmeric-for-animals(Images & story by Beverly Finnigan)

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