The life of JAFFA

turmeric-for-animalsJaffa, born on the hills of Dartmoor was rounded up as a 6 month old foal, during the yearly cull and experienced his first meeting with humans at the Tavistock Livestock Market, in Cornwall England, where he was destined by the meat market trade, to be transported abroad.


Tavistock Market

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary, a local animal rescue of which I was a volunteer worker, attended the Tavistock Sales, on our yearly rescue mission to purchase as many of these foals as possible. We came home that year in 1988 with 10 foals, Jaffa being one of them.

These wild unhandled foals, underwent a transformation under the gentle care at Thornberry, learning to trust humans and were all eventually rehomed under an adoption system, to loving caring homes to continue their education, many making fantastic children’s ponies.


Jaffa being handled as a youngster

I adopted Jaffa at the age of 2 and we became a team as he took to the carriage when he was 3 yrs old.


Lord Mayors Parade

One of his highlights was taking part in the lord mayors parade, representing Thornberry Animal Sanctuary, where he strutted his stuff around the streets of Rotherham, South Yorkshire.


On one of the rallies we joined

We travelled many miles together and met up with others going on rallies which he thoroughly enjoyed. He was my best friend, and I put all my trust in him when we ventured onto the main roads.

turmeric-for-animalsHe  taught many children how to trust and  respect horses and ponies, and taught many to ride, giving them confidence and self esteem





turmeric-for-animalsJaffa had struggled most of his life with Laminitis, which was monitored very closely with restricted diet and grazing. This eventually manifested itself as cushings disease in the later 5 years of his life, and this along with arthritis started to take its toll as he got older.

turmeric-for-animalsI can’t remember how I first got to learn about Turmeric, but it was to be one of the major milestones in mine and Jaffa’s life.

turmeric-for-animalsWe joined the Turmeric users group and learned of the benefits of Turmeric and how to use it in our diets.

I started Jaffa on the golden spice in Sept 2013 and within 2 weeks I was seeing a difference in his demeanor.


Turmeric Nose

By 6-10 weeks he was a lively 26 year old that could now get down. Roll and get back up again… easily!


The winter of 2013 saw a transformation to Jaffa which gave him good stead for the spring and summer months of 2014, when he enjoyed yet another season of pony rides and pony weekends being pampered. He was even allowed to have grazing again, which had been nearly omitted for the last few years, due to his cushings / laminitis.


Summer 2014

As autumn approached we upped the Turmeric intake and the winter of 2014 was one to be enjoyed for the first time in years as I knew Jaffa was comfy and not in any pain.

Sadly, on the  27th Jan. 2015, Jaffa left us to join his friends over Rainbow Bridge. He died in my arms, after the Cushings disease became too much for him to bear.

I couldn’t let him suffer ( I owed him that much).

As he took his last breaths and his spirit joined mine, I could look back on all the good times we had together, right up to the last weekend  when he took his little rider out on a hack, without any pain, thanks to Turmeric!

(Images & story by Heather Fullwood aka Celtic Rider)

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Written by Doug English BVSc
From a pioneering farming family in Malanda, Atherton Tableland, North Queensland, Australia. After high school in Cairns I attended Gatton Agricultural College to study agriculture and after graduation went on to the University of Queensland Veterinary Science faculty where I graduated in 1974 and went into rural practice at Moree NSW. Then I did a few years with the South Australian Department of Agriculture as a livestock advisor mainly involved in the eradication of Brucellosis and tuberculosis in the cattle herds. This was followed by about 20 years in mixed farm/equine/pets at Wyong, NSW Central Coast, then managed a large thoroughbred stud at Scone (Kia-Ora) before returning back to Cairns, North Queensland to have my own mixed practice on the Northern Beaches for around 15 years. Now living on the Gold Coast in a farm/equine practice and researching turmeric growing and manufacturing health products from this wonderful plant.