turmeric for cats - Diesel the NY miracle

“I want to share a miracle! At the end of 2015 Diesel (my cat) was very congested and bleeding from one nostril. The vet said bleeding from the nostril is a bad sign. Could be a mass in his head….she gave him antibiotics for upper respiratory infection.

turmeric for cats - Diesel the NY miracle

Diesel was very sick

He got worse, laboured loud breathing. Back to the vet…he needed a specialty vet to go up his nose to his head for a biopsy. She gave him steroid to last over the New Year. Then he was unable to eat and drink because of his nose. He looked terrible. I thought the end was near.

I gave him food and Turmeric Golden Paste (GP) in a medicine syringe all afternoon. By evening he was eating and drinking on his own! Coincidence? Steroid is for inflammation and so is GP! In the morning he ate and drank on his own. Just gave him some more GP. And now I become hopeful…

turmeric for cats - Diesel the NY miracle

Diesel seemed to be improving

In Summary

On Wednesday Diesel was in distress…suffering…and the Vet was hinting it may be time. Got worse on Thursday. He was unable to eat and drink and breathe. I started him on Golden Paste (watered down) in a medicine dropper . I did this every 2 hours at least. To my surprise he started to improve. And then he became in perfect health and you would never know he was so sick. Finally I called the vet to cancel the appointment.

As of January 5 – Diesel is the picture of health.

turmeric for cats - Diesel the NY miracle

Diesel’s health improved & he was back to watching birds again

Update January 11…..it’s now 8 days since Diesel recovered from near death. I still give him GP 3 times a day and will continue to do so along with my dog (and me too).

I am so grateful to Dr. Doug English for sharing GP with everyone.”

Image & Story by Ingrid Von Sierakowski Bedell (TUG Facebook Member)

Turmeric for Cats - Diesel the New Year Miracle


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