How To Make Turmeric Capsules


At Turmeric Life we understand that not everyone has the time OR the patience to make their own Turmeric capsules (if YOU DO see Jill Moore’s article below on HOW TO MAKE TURMERIC CAPSULES).

We do believe that the best way to consume turmeric is via the Golden Paste recipe BUT sometimes travel, or your taste buds make it hard to consume Golden Paste so we suggest  Doctor Doug English’s ALL NEW, all natural, raw, vegan, gluten-free, super-food, tasty

DUGGIE’S TU*GO – Turmeric Snack Bar  – that has your daily dose of turmeric.

turmeric-energy-bar-Duggies-Doses-1100% All Natural Ingredients:

Almond meal
Chia meal
Linseed meal
Cacao powder
Turmeric powder
Coconut oil


Make your own Turmeric capsules (by Jill Moore)

The beauty of making your own Turmeric capsules is it allows you to know how much turmeric you are taking – easy to control up and down by 1/4 teaspoon (1 capsule) at a time.

It’s also a great solution for travelling. You can take capsules on the occasions when you have to dash out the door, or are not having a meal that you can include turmeric paste or powder in.

Best of all, you have the convenience of a capsule and the knowledge that you are still consuming turmeric in a reasonable and more sustainable method than the concentrated tablets and capsules available commercially (see Turmeric FAQ for more details). Win/Win.

1. Essential Itemsturmeric capsules

Buy a capsule maker and empty vegeterian/gelatin capsules. You can purchase these online or your local health food store.

Note: 00 is a good size = 1/4 tsp, or 0 (slightly smaller) for capsules.



Turmeric Life capsules2. The Setup


Use something wide as a container to scoop your turmeric out.

Get an old towel or something that will gather up the loose turmeric powder to throw over your table while you work. A cutting board, or something similar, under the capsule maker also allows you to periodically tilt the fallen turmeric back into your container.

As a general rule – 4 x ’00’ capsules make 1 level teaspoon, approximately, of turmeric powder.

3. The Ingredients

You can add ground pepper and other supplements at this stage (such as Powerstance powdered coconut oil, or ginger and so on) BUT you will need to calculate the balance of ingredients and measure your dosage.

With the guidance of DR. DOUG ENGLISH & TUG Admins (click Here to read more in Turmeric User Group https:

42 gr / ml / 3 tbsp Turmeric Powder
42 gr / ml / 3 tbsp Coconut Oil Powder (Powerstance)
6 gr / ml / 2 tsp Freshly Ground Black Peppercorns
“00” size capsules

(Click HERE – To Read more about the 3 Basic Ingredients for Turmeric Benefits)

Most people prefer to make Turmeric Capsules by just adding turmeric in the capsules and then take the capsules with a meal that has cracked pepper on it and the oil (or an healthy fat, which will often be in the meal too). This will help increase the bio-availability of your home-made turmeric capsules.

Turmeric Life capsules2Turmeric Life capsules1

turmeric life homade capsules coconut oil powderTurmeric Life capsules Coconut Oil Powder and Freshly Ground Black Peppercorns

Homade Turmeric Capsules Video


Remember, turmeric powder that has on average 3% – 5% curcumin (possibly a little higher in some batches) is effective and can be safely used daily for a lifetime in most cases. Always check first with your treating doctor if you have any chronic health issues, or if you have any doubts.

PLEASE NOTE: Pure Curcumin capsules, (ie. @ 95% curcumin) are NOT recommended by this website, due to possible liver damage.

Information on restrictions using curcumin (as opposed to turmeric containing curcumin) can be found by clicking HERE and HERE (info about damage from high dose curcumin).