Turmeric Uses – Signs of Skin Cancer improving by a Turmeric User

“As a multiple melanoma* survivor I can’t stress enough how much Turmeric Golden Paste has made a difference in my life.

Moles used to randomly appear, turn dark and nasty, bleed everywhere, turn scaly and then would have to be surgically removed. Moles still appear and some get nasty looking. I up my amount of Golden Paste and two weeks later they’re gone. You can still see them but they’re not bad looking.

I still get 3 monthly skin checks. It used to be that every time I visited, the Doctor would say “that’ll have to come out and we’ll send it off for biopsy”. Now they say we’ll watch it for 12 months or so. I get them scraped but none in the last two years have had to be surgically removed.

On a further note my sciatica* has settled down too.”

By Peter Bolt

Melanoma* – a type of skin cancer

Sciatica* – a common type of pain affecting the sciatic nerve, a large nerve extending from the lower back down the back of each leg..

Editors note: Peter has been making his own Golden Paste for the past 10 months and takes a desert spoon (ie. two teaspoons) per day “straight down the hatch or in a smoothie”.

Doug English’s comment: “I have read several scientific articles supporting the feeding of turmeric for its anti-melanoma effect. Please also note that there is no point using turmeric topically without a carrier to penetrate the skin barrier.”

Do you have signs of skin cancer? Have you tried taking turmeric to assist with melanomas? What turmeric uses do you recommend?