Doug E Turmeric Products I am Doug English an Australian veterinarian with years of experience and have been using turmeric therapeutically in my patients for the past several years with good results. At first I was not sure about the effects vs hard drugs but soon realized that turmeric was very beneficial for many inflammatory and degenerative processes in animals, and not just mammals because I saw good results in reptiles and birds.
Many clients were skeptical and so I started a Facebook Group called Turmeric User Group to collate data  on how turmeric was being used and told everybody with an animal that I prescribed turmeric for, to please give back anecdotal evidence as to the effects: both good or bad.
Now  I had hoped to get several hundred anecdotes to give credibility,  but the group has grown to an extent far beyond my expectations and currently the member numbers are pushing 180,000 all over the world with numerous daily positive anecdotes in all species, including humans. Read More

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