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thyroid problems in dogs

Turmeric Can Help Thyroid Problems in Dogs

Turmeric Can Help Thyroid Problems in Dogs

Thyroid problems in dogs are often hard to diagnose. There can be a range of symptoms that are detrimental to a dog’s health and yet they are easily blamed on other diseases or illnesses. Certain dog breeds have a susceptibility to thyroid disease (the most common endocrine disease in dogs) and a good breeder will often run thyroid tests throughout their sire and dam’s lives to screen for this disease. This is one members story on how turmeric has made the world of difference for her dog……

What is Canine Thyroid Disease?

The thyroid gland is an Endocrine (meaning ductless) gland, which secretes its hormones directly into the bloodstream. It is located in the lower part of a dog’s neck.

Endocrine glands secrete hormones that help manage and control the body’s basic metabolism — including control of growth and development and maintenance of protein, carbohydrate, and is responsible for the speed of metabolism. Failure of the thyroid gland can mean trouble of one sort or another for the body (for more detail refer below).

There are two types of abnormal function of the thyroid gland:

  1. Hyperthyroidism – the gland is producing too much thyroid hormone (overactive)
  2. Hypothyroidism – the gland is producing too little thyroid hormone (underactive)

Dogs with thyroid disease usually have hypothyroidism, a low production of thyroid hormones. Hyperthyroidism in dogs is rare and is usually associated with cancer.

What are the signs of Canine Thyroid Disease?

The most common signs of low thyroid function in dogs include loss or thinning of the fur, dull hair coat, excess shedding or scaling of the skin, weight gain, reduced activity and reduced ability to tolerate the cold.

Hypothyroidism occurs more commonly in medium to large breed dogs and is usually found in middle aged dogs. Breeds commonly affected include Golden retriever, Doberman pincher and Irish setter.

How can you test for Canine Thyroid Disease?

Veterinarians may suggest a thyroid test if your dog is displaying any of the symptoms above and send the blood off to a laboratory for testing. Low numbers suggest that a dog may be suffering from thyroid problems and the vet may suggest a daily dose of an oral replacement hormone drug.

Unfortunately, a clean thyroid test at one year of age does not mean the dog will remain free of disease throughout its life.

Does Turmeric help with thyroid problems in dogs??

According to long standing TUG member Sylvie D’Auteuil the answer is YES!!

Sylvie owns and breeds rotweillers and makes it her business to monitor Thyroid function in her breeding dogs. Her story is below…….

“Below are the lab results of one of my spayed bitches (Wunder) who is 8 years old, and who has been all her whole life at the minimum level of her T4 (between 8-9).

Thyroid results for WUNDER in 2016

Since she has been spayed 3 years ago, I have been always afraid that she will experience a drop in hypothyroid function because we good breeders know that spayed bitches usually have a lower metabolism and are prone to obesity.

So I have always checked her thyroid function every year. But wait, since over 2 years now, she is taking Golden paste. And look at the result of the lab test which came back this week. Not only is she no longer at the lower borderline level but she is now almost at the other end.

So what is the ONLY one change in her life??

You got it: 1 tablespoon of Turmeric Golden Paste twice a day. Not bad for an 8 year old girl, spayed for over 3 years now!!!! She is healthy, has tons of energy and absolutely not fat! Thank you Golden Paste!!!!

Original thyroid results of WUNDER in 2013

So, in summary, after 1 year on Golden Paste there was already an improvement compared to her usually 8-9 level – it was at 15.9.

Thyroid results of WUNDER in 2014

So even after 1 year on Golden Paste, the turmeric began to improve her thyroid function. And now after over 2 years on Golden Paste she is at 28. It is clear to me that turmeric increases the thyroid function.”

How Sylvie feeds Turmeric Golden Paste to her dogs

“My bitch is a Rottweiler of 45 Kg/100 pounds and she has 1 tablespoon of Golden Paste twice a day with plenty of freshly ground pepper. I give all my dogs 1 extra tablespoon of coconut oil per meal AND I make my Golden Paste with coconut oil.

So, all my dogs get an extra tablespoon of coconut oil in their meal (they are dogs that weigh between 45-55 kg). Coconut oil has been found to clearly increase the metabolism. It also has numerous other healthy benefits. This is why I give all my dogs an extra tablespoon of this oil in their meal.

I am sure that the oil combined with the Turmeric Golden Paste has helped a lot for my bitch’s thyroid function as coconut oil increases the metabolism.”

Editors Note: For more info on Feeding Turmeric for Dogs Click HERE.

Dr Doug English’s comments on Sylivie’s story:

“Sylvies dog had hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid gland) which is the more common thyroid malfunction in dogs; while hyperthyroid (an overactive thyroid gland) is the opposite and has a completely different cause and effect. Turmeric does not have as good an effect on hyperthyroidism.

Turmeric is a well known metabolic stimulant and for that to happen thyroxine levels are increased.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support that, but not too many actual blood tests. Good job Sylvie”


Images provided by Sylvie D’Auteuil.

Sylvie is a breeder of show & working Rottweilers since 1992 -> Find out more HERE.

Have you encountered thyroid problems in dogs? Have you tried feeding turmeric to your dog to help?

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