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For many years Doug English, an Australian Vet, has had some very good results from suggesting to his clients to add turmeric to their animals diet.

Doug started to realise the importance of collating the affect turmeric was having on the health of his patients and began a Facebook group called the Turmeric User Group (TUG) and recruited his work colleague, Tegan Ford to help Admin the site.

As the numbers of TUG grew it soon became apparent that the information and member base was becoming too much for the Facebook site to comfortably handle. There was a desire to create a better platform to showcase the benefits of using Turmeric everyday so the new website ‘Turmeric life’ was created.

Many of the contributors to posts and articles within this website are from the TUG admin team who have worked tirelessly at answering questions and collating the information that has emerged from the thousands of people that feed turmeric to their animals (and themselves) daily.

This website hopes to provide a one stop portal for all things turmeric (particularly as it relates to animals). Articles and Posts will be added regularly, ‘actual’ readers stories will be featured and Doug English will continue to answer questions and submit articles on animals and turmeric.

Turmeric Life also hopes to create some earnings through sales and advertising which will help run the website and raise funds for research on turmeric for animals.

The best way you can become part of this community is to SUBSCRIBE (see below) and be kept up to date with recent contributions and findings about turmeric for animals.

Help us SHARE the benefits of turmeric by using the hashtag #turmericlife on Social Media and watch our community grow. NOTE: If you hashtag #turmericlife on Facebook OR Instagram you will feature on our Home Page live Feed.

Doug English

An Australian Vet that has become a world leader in the use of turmeric powder to treat ailments in animals. Growing up on a farm in the hinterlands of Cairns, Australia he still remembers planting his first seedling and watching it grow. He left the farm to study Agriculture in Southern Queensland and combined it with a Degree in Veterinary Science

Doug runs marathons in his ‘down time’, avoids sugar at all costs and is a firm believer of including turmeric in every meal (and on every sore).

You can read more about Doug by clicking HERE.

Tegan Ford

Lives on a property in Tropical North Queensland with her 3 horses and a pack of Beagles. Has Turmeric growing in her garden.

Worked with Doug English for many years and was the first Admin member recruited by Doug to help run the TUG Facebook Group. Also the first person to embrace feeding Turmeric to her horses thanks to Doug – You can read more of her story here >> The Story of TUG

Cathy Dee

Does a lot of stuff like the dishes, the garden, riding the horses, shooting people and occasionally writing and illustrating something silly.

Can be found via her website www.cathydee.com AND has kindly provided Turmeric Life with her illustrations. If you want to learn more we suggest you check her out on Facebook for a daily dose of absurdity and real life on Planet Dingle.

Liz Wallis

Lives in the US and uses turmeric to help with osteoarthritis. Has a wide range of experience which includes emergency medicine and long term elderly care, along with experience with goats and poultry.

Judith Jenness

A critical care nurse (adults in the past, now kids) in the Southwest United States; specializes in congenital cardiac surgery and end-of-life care.
Fanatic reader of pretty much anything: cereal boxes to science fiction and science fact/medicine/psychology/alternative health.
Using turmeric for early stage rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue and for two dogs (allergies, congenital heart defect, arthritis)

Lilly Banhidy

Lives Down Under (Australia) and passionate about fermenting and making her own probiotics. Family of 2 humans and 2 furkids – a Burmese cat and a whippet dog – and all take Golden Paste (some happily and others by default).

Maria Pia Pollo

Discovered Golden Paste when looking for natural health alternatives for back pain. Turmeric has helped turnaround 8 yo German Shepherd too (no longer acting stiff).

When not behind the lens of a camera is passionately sharing the turmeric message far and wide via Social Media. You can check out Pia’s photography work HERE.

Kate Richards

An avid blogger (Adventure Mumma & PawsandPedals) that came across turmeric to help with her dog’s skin complaints. The popularity of the blogpost and the success of her dog’s health has meant Kate has become an avid fan of turmeric and her whole family is now on turmeric (albeit hidden in amongst different food sources).

Kate is the editor of Turmeric Life and when she’s not at the computer compiling the latest turmeric post you’ll find her off with her family exploring her backyard, Tropical North Queensland.

Carmen Markowitz

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Jess Ikäheimonen

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