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Adding turmeric to your diet

Turmeric Isn't Working

Are you not getting any results from adding turmeric to your diet? Here is Dr Doug English's checklist for ensuring you are consuming turmeric properly.

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turmeric's side effects

Side Effects

Many websites talk about turmeric's side effects. In this blog, Dr Doug explains what is meant by this and gives tips on how to mitigate any negative effects. 

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Turmeric Drink and Turmeric Powder - how to eat turmeric with Dr Doug Turmeric Life

How to Eat Turmeric

Are you looking for new ways to consume Turmeric? Here are Dr Doug English's list of he most popular way to consume turmeric for people who are new to the flavour.

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Hands Holding Peppercorn

All About Black Peppercorns

Did you know black pepper is one of the oldest of the commercially traded spices, with a documented history going back thousands of years? Lean about the many benefits of black peppers.

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Honey and its Benifits

Is Honey Healthy? No, it is NOT

Honey is a delicious sweet treat, however, the question of whether it is healthy is greatly debated. In this blog, Dr Doug English shares his views on the topic.

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