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Dog with jaw cancer

Vet Report on resolution of jaw cancer in a dog

Vet Report on resolution of jaw cancer in a dog

Glen Kolenc BVSc 

Petersham Veterinary Hospital 296 Stanmore Rd, Petersham NSW 2049    27/11/2019

One of the amazing uses for turmeric I have seen as a vet in my patients is that it has cured 4 or 5 different types of aggressive oral cavity cancers, where complete surgical removal was impossible. Here's another amazing story I want to share with you all.

On 3rd September this year, I had to remove a growth from a dog’s gum (on the lower jaw, quite far back in the mouth). As I removed it, I observed that there was a "divot" or erosion of the jawbone beneath the lump. I knew that this meant that the tumour had actually invaded into the jaw bone. Complete removal was impossible. I took an X-ray of the jawbone and you can see dark "bubbles" in the jaw....almost like it’s been moth eaten. These dark bubbles are where the tumour was eating the jaw away. A biopsy of the lump showed it to be an aggressive cancer. A veterinary oncologist told me the only hope this dog had was radiation therapy. Otherwise, it would only be a matter of weeks until the jaw fractured due to it being eaten away. The owner declined radiation and said she'll euthanise the dog the moment she was in pain. I told her about my experiences with turmeric and the amazing results I'd seen with oral cavity malignancies, so she was happy to try that. She instantly started on Doug's turmeric Dog Bites.

I had the dog in for a checkup today (85 days after surgery. The gum looked totally evidence of there ever being a cancer there. A repeat jaw X-ray shows a completely healthy jaw bone. Note that in the second image, which was taken today, that the darker, moth eaten appearance has now gone.

I am amazed. This dog should have been dead few weeks after surgery.

The moral of the story, and the other mouth cancers that have had similar results is do not let any dog with an oral cavity tumor die without trying may just get a nice surprise.



First xray showing extent of the cancer in the jaw

Below showing the resolution with a healthy jaw