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Dogs nose has pigmentation



Name of dog: Twist (Echo In Time ‘Amethyst Twist’  

Breed: Border Collie (Lilac tri-colour)


Specific genetics if DNA typed: Twist was tested last year for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, with a negative result. A biopsy has not been performed but my current vet believes it is likely she has Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE). Other background information (testing performed by the breeder) is attached. 

Sex: Female neutered 

Drugs used: No prescription drugs are being used at present. Twist has previously been on antibiotics and steroids. 

Drugs currently used: Vitamin B tablets daily. 

Topical medication and how often?: Flamazine (Silver Sulfadiazine) is applied daily, along with Equine Puff Powder (to prevent sunburn). Twist also has Vitamin B injections on a 3-monthly basis. 

Filtabac has been used previously but makes the situation worse. 

We have recently removed kibble (dry food) from her diet and this seems to be making a positive difference. 

How long has the condition been present?:

Twist arrived from Queensland in May 2016 with a pale grey nose, with the skin of pebbly appearance. The breeder held off on transferring her to us as she advised that Twist had a sore nose which needed some treatment pre-transfer.

Her nose remained ‘normal’ looking until the warmer months, when she started displaying signs of sunburn on the bridge of her nose and lower eye lids. The skin on her nose is now pink / red with constant scaling and flaking, sores, ulcerations and crusting. Her nose burns easily, is painful and she has numerous secondary bacterial infections.

Attach a representative photo:

Photo A shows Twist shortly before she was transferred to us from Queensland (May 2016). Her nose has pigmentation and has a pebbly appearance.


Photo B shows Twist last week. Her nose has lost its pigmentation and has a smooth, shiny surface.

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