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Clinical Trial - The Effects Turmeric has on Alcohol Consumption

Can Turmeric Reduce the Affects of Alcohol?

Can Turmeric Reduce the Affects of Alcohol?

The turmeric benefits that people are talking about are mainly down to anti-inflammatory, chronic pain and joint pain, and arthritis. But, what about when you consume alcohol? 

What benefits does turmeric give you when you consume it with alcohol, before, during and after.

On the 13th August 2020, Turmeric Life hosted its first Liver Booster Clinical Trial at Burleigh Surf Club. Partnering with XXXX Gold (Lion Group) and Oatley Wines, long time Turmeric Researcher and Director of Turmeric Life, Dr Douglas English and his team were able to see how turmeric affects different demographics, such as age, gender, weight, height and fitness levels, and my other factors while consuming alcohol over a two hour period.

Turmeric has many scientifically-proven health benefits, such as reducing inflammation, joint pain, chronic pain, improving symptoms of depression and arthritis, and many other health concerns and issues. It also assists in the growth and strength of hair, nails and skin, for both humans and animals.

However, in recent years, scientific data and research have investigated the benefits turmeric has on the liver function when consuming alcohol, as well as the after-effects of alcohol.

This clinical trial was undertaken to collect first-hand data and research to show the power and benefits turmeric has on consuming alcohol, and to prove Dr Doug's thesis that it does and can lower ones Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), improve liver function and lower the effects a hangover can have on someone.

Watch the video below to see the outcome of the 2020 Liver Booster Clinical Trial! 



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