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From Pain to Play: Diesel's Arthritis Journey with Turmeric Dog & Pet Bites

From Pain to Play: Diesel's Arthritis Journey with Turmeric Dog & Pet Bites

How Diesel the dog went from pain while walking and struggling to get off the couch, to running in 3 weeks 🙌

Peter’s dog Diesel was diagnosed with arthritis through his spine and joints. He was sore after walks, and he'd have to be helped off the couch throughout the day.

Peter took Diesel to the Vet and over a month Diesel received 4 shots of pain relief medication to try ease his suffering.

Eventually Peter spoke with the Vet Technician about the problem. She had a boxer and was making Golden Paste for him. She recommended he joined Dr. Doug’s Facebook Group, Original Turmeric User Group (TUG). From there, Peter discovered Turmeric Life and ordered a bag of Turmeric Dog & Pet Bites to see how it worked.

After about 2-3 weeks Peter noticed Diesel wasn’t having difficulty getting off the couch and on the walks, he soon started to RUN!

Diesel’s Turmeric Dog & Pet Bites Dosage

At the beginning Peter was only giving Diesel 1 full Turmeric Dog & Pet Bite in the morning. After contacting Dr. Doug, they adjusted the dosage to 1/2 a bite twice a day, with breakfast and dinner. After 12 months Peter increased the dose to 2 full bites each day and now even at almost 14 years old, Diesel is still going well and running. 👍

Have a Pet in Pain and Want a Natural Solution?

Turmeric Dog & Pet Bites by Dr. Doug are a tasty and effective option for pets with mobility issues, injuries, recovering from surgery, with skin conditions, or simply in need of a dietary boost.

Click here for a full list of benefits, product ingredients & more feel-good reviews!

Note, some factors such as medications and weight may influence your pet’s suitability and dosage. If you’re unsure if Turmeric Dog & Pet Bites are suitable for your pet’s needs, please contact us for advice using our chat feature. We’re available during business hours, AEST.

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