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Grown turmeric at home

Grow Turmeric at Home

Grow Turmeric at Home

Turmeric is very easy to grow, has no real pests, grows organically, and will shoot up anywhere in well-drained soil.

Just need a little bit of a rhizome, a little nub even, the end of a finger is enough. Place anyway-up 4cm in soil.

Can grow in pots, at least 30cm across, has great broad leaves so needs lots of Sun, slight shade.

Requires regular watering at the beginning, less as the growing season starts.

Plant after winter. 9 months before harvest.

It will perish if the temperature falls below 18°C/65°F longer than 3 months, the roots will freeze and spoil.

Goes great in warm tropical regions, zone 9.

The more porous the soil the better volume your rhizome.

Once you get your crop of turmeric, you then need to cook it, boil it, dehydrate it, and grind it into powder, ready to use in the Golden Paste...

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