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irritation on feet causing itchiness

Skin Spray Itchy feet

Skin Spray Itchy feet

Use this Yeast Spray Recipe

 Spray feet regularly with the mix below. This Yeast Spray Recipe can be used on Dogs and Horses as well as Humans. 

This spray can be used on dogs feet when they lick or chew their paws – the cause is similar to Greasy Heel in horses. I also use this mix on my own feet after a bath or a run. Might sting a bit but that soon dissipates and then is good. Made better with oil. 

Homemade (Dougies) spray 

300 mls methylated spirits (aka surgical spirits or isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol) – don’t know if one better than the other yet.

150 mls white vinegar (most commercial vinegar in Australia is 2% acetic acid) – Ratio is 2:1 alcohol:vinegar

30 mls hemp oil (best added if you live in the TROPICS – see note below because if temperatures low coconut oil clogs the spray)

15 mls tea tree oil

Place the ingredients in a handy spray bottle (2:1 metho:vinegar) and spray up to 4 times daily (it really can’t hurt). This spray is self-drying when administered to skin and hair. 

If you have stronger vinegar (3%-6%) you will need to dilute the vinegar (ie. add some water) if 6% 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water – Ratio is 1:2 vinegar:water. If 5% add a bit less water. Exact ratios are not critical and at one stage I experimented with 50/50 alcohol/vinegar but found that the increase in alcohol was better because it dried faster. 

Note: The spray will work fine with JUST the first 2 ingredients – Metho & white Vinegar.  

What causes the Yeast Infection? 

Similar to Tinea in humans the organisms are ubiquitous in nature, and the various yeast, bacteria and fungal bugs gain a foothold in skin that has a defective barrier, and it is made worse by the licking, chewing and leaving of moisture (saliva). 

Chewing may be a habit which is worse in: obsessive dogs, dogs with atopic skin, dogs that have very hairy feet that get wet eg with dew on the grass.


  • My dog (cocker spaniel) has severe yeast issues and just radiates the smell. Can I use this all over? Really bad ears also. Vet had no more options.

    DeeDee on

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